In this blog we meet Kealum, a software Engineer who started working with us during the pandemic, here is what he had to say about his experience starting a job during COVID 19.

“Right now, I am a software engineer in Neueda after recently graduating from college just a few months ago from AIT.

I started towards the end of June on the 29th and was offered the Job maybe 3 hours after I got my results from college, so you can imagine that was an amazing day.

What attracted me to Neueda was the positive opinion I heard of them from college. From the outside it sounded like a company with a lot of progressive views that worked with new technologies and reacted to the ever-changing world of the software.

The most difficult thing about starting a job during COVID was probably integration into my new working environment. It can be easier to understand things when you’re able to go over to a colleague’s desk and get an understanding face to face sometimes rather than reaching out to them through a message or call.

For me starting remotely was a major benefit. My dad had a serious accident last November and had recently just arrived home following a long spell in physical rehabilitation maybe just two weeks before I started. Being able to be close to home during a difficult time for family and being able to help him around the house has been huge.

The guys when I came in were really helpful and they have keen interest in seeing me develop as a software engineer. My project lead, my agile line manager, the guys on my team, they have a been great with helping me settle in, making me feel like part of the team and helping me through difficult moments.

I personally don’t mind talking to people from a remote setting as I’m an easy-going guy and often have an enough information from my remote conversations to do my job at a satisfactory level.

As of right now I don’t get much time to bond with team members given the situation, but I feel we all get along quite well and have a good working relationship. I look forward to meeting them all in the office on a regular basis when we get through this pandemic.

I would like to thank Neueda for giving me a chance in times where’s it’s hard to come by them.”

A special thanks to Kealum for giving us an insight into his experience!