Flexibility and stability – how does your IT system balance?

Stephen Frazer, Managed Services Lead

Technology today is so readily available and accessible, we generally find our expectations are high and our patience is low.

If tech fails us or takes longer than expected to complete a task, we typically become frustrated quickly – and understandably so.

For an organisation, even a small technological issue can have a major impact on operations – and not always in the way that you might think.

Solving IT problems can be a lengthy process and can distract IT resources to the detriment of day-to-day operations. And further, if your IT team is regularly spending a lot of time on maintenance and problem solving, where is the room to test and develop new ideas; the agility to respond to business developments?

Trying to maintain a stable IT system and at the same time be able to innovate, is a common challenge. It is worth regularly assessing if your tech team is empowered with the time, resource and support it needs to monitor for issues, upgrade systems as required and identify and maximise market opportunities.

We are noticing more and more customers adopting an Application Managed Service approach to their IT function – a service that engages an external team of specialists to help an organisation either integrate a new IT system with an old one or manage change from one system to another.

Having this external ‘back up’ support eases pressure on in-house tech teams, providing them with the expertise they need to foresee and mitigate complex technical problems, alleviating the time and costs associated with internal problem solving.

An external support system can help you implement change, provide technical training and monitor your systems to identify and address potential issues before they impact your business.

Engaging a function like this may offer you the peace of mind your organisation needs to become more efficient internally – because your IT team won’t need to spend as much time tackling problems, and they can also learn from specialist expertise.

Neueda has developed the Application Managed Services function of our business significantly over the past year, as organisations recognise the benefits of streamlining their IT support system.

Whether you choose to engage additional support to manage your services or retain solely an in-house function, it is absolutely worth reviewing your team’s capability to ensure you have in place an infrastructure that allows it to not only maintain stability, but also encourage flexibility. This is the balance all organisations need to strike to remain on top of their tech game.