Neueda Open Sources Capital Markets Software

Trading technology specialists Neueda have this week open sourced software designed to help investment institutions and trading firms connect to all of the European equity markets.

Neueda, with its team of electronic trading specialists, helps trading firms and fintech vendors develop and maintain solutions for the global markets.

In a move to support software developers and help foster a collaborative community within capital markets tech, Neueda’s Front Office SDK has been made freely available for use via  A dedicated slack community has also been created to allow those within the industry to communicate and exchange ideas with Neueda’s Front Office SDK creators – register to join at

Colin Pattison, MD Capital Markets at Neueda, explains: “Front Office SDK is a suite of modules and connectors that can be used to connect applications to the European equity markets, and facilitate the development of electronic trading applications. It is a cross-platform, cross-language framework, compatible with Linux, Windows and MacOS and allows developers to write their application in any of the main languages.

 “Developers can access Front Office SDK from our Blu-Corner site, integrate it with their own applications and begin communicating with the stock market. Alternatively, the Neueda team can help users integrate Front Office SDK, or are happy to carry out bespoke development projects using customers in-house frameworks.”

Neueda will be regularly releasing code for use across a variety of sectors on – the home of its Open Source software.

“We understand the value of Open Source technology within capital markets, given its speed and flexibility, as well as its ability to remove upfront investment costs and harness the power of the community,” continues Colin Pattison.

“Through open sourcing this code, we are seeking to support other tech specialists in electronic trading, an area where we have a breadth of expertise. At the same time, we are actively inviting collaboration and welcome new partnerships.

“We are keen to not only showcase Neueda’s expertise but also cultivate a community of specialists from across the globe who can work together to share best practice, insights and innovation, ultimately elevating electronic trading through technology,” Colin Pattison said.

To find out more about Neueda’s Open Source products or to begin contributing, visit and join the community:

To discuss its capital markets software, email