The Future of Digital Transformation = The Sum of All Parts

Neueda says businesses can only stay ahead if they implement digital transformation across all aspects of their organisation

Businesses must look at every aspect of their organisation and consider how digital transformation can help it compete more effectively and deliver long-term success. This is the message Neueda will be sharing at the upcoming Digital DNA event in Belfast.

Claire McNally, Digital Transformation Services Lead at Neueda, will address business delegates on the importance of taking a holistic approach to digitising their organisation. “Embedding digital technology is critical to the long-term success of any organisation,” said Claire.

“It isn’t enough to simply look at what your business currently does and consider how technology can replace that. Nor is it about simply acquiring more technology for the sake of doing so.

“True digital transformation is about assessing the business you are in, the applications required to run that business, the data you have access to that will support and develop the business and the technology required to support all of this. An assessment at this level gives you the building blocks of a future-focused digital transformation strategy.

“From there, it makes sense to focus on quick wins to start making digital changes happen. At Neueda we work with customers in an agile style, focusing on incremental changes, the results and impact of which we can assess and observe quickly.

Getting digital transformation right is more important than ever, in an era when tech-savvy consumers expect a digital solution to almost every service they use.

Claire continues, “Organisations need to remember that often the first experience a user has with them is a digital one, so it needs to be engaging and reliable. If digital solutions aren’t built with customer use and satisfaction in mind, they are pointless.

“Today, consumers expect to be able to start a transaction at one point in a day, later in the day complete the transaction and later still track their order – this is known as a fragmented journey.  This fragmentation means organisations must move away from monolithic applications to small discreet microservices that will support the breaks in the fulfilment process.”

“Almost every organisation today will be engaged in some form of digital transformation process and we believe that considering all aspects of the business will ensure success,” said Claire.  

Claire McNally will speak at Digital DNA in Belfast on 18th June at 10am (Theatre 2).