Neueda launches Scrutiny to increase investment firm efficiencies

Capital Markets technology specialists Neueda has launched a comprehensive service aimed at helping investment firms enhance competitiveness, improve efficiency and streamline costs through test automation.

Combining Neueda’s industry experience and its leading automation technology, Scrutiny has been developed to reduce cost of ownership of front office applications to capital markets firms and improve time to market through test automation and process optimisation.

Through its Scrutiny service, Neueda provides capital markets firms with a full analysis of their current development processes, access to a team of skilled experts and a suite of solutions to deliver process improvements quickly.

“We have extensive experience working within the front office, helping evolve capital markets firms’ technology assets, alongside the fast-paced electronic trading, exchange and regulatory landscape,” explains Colin Pattison, MD Capital Markets at Neueda.

“Our Scrutiny service is essentially a combination of three elements – process, people and technology – providing our customers with a strong foundation upon which to build their automated test solutions.

“We begin by carrying out a detailed analysis of our customers’ processes and architecture, to identify an automated test approach and process efficiencies.

“Leveraging our technologies, we develop solutions that facilitate test automation. We work with customer teams to optimise development process, removing the need for manual testing and ultimately improving productivity for the customer,” Colin said.

Neueda has developed a number of products and frameworks to facilitate test automation. These include its Etiqet and Exchange Simulator solutions.

(L-R) Richard Faloon, Capital Markets Enterprise Architect and Colin Pattison, MD Capital Markets, the co-creators of Neueda’s Etiqet and Exchange Simulator software.

(L-R) Richard Faloon, Capital Markets Enterprise Architect and Colin Pattison, MD Capital Markets, the co-creators of Neueda’s Etiqet and Exchange Simulator software.

Etiqet is an Open Source test automation framework, developed in Cucumber and designed to make testing of front office messaging applications easier. Etiqet is released under the MIT license and our customers are welcome to freely access and use as they require. Neueda’s Etiqet software can be accessed via

Another solution available via Neueda’s Scrutiny service is the Exchange Simulator, an exchange matching and connectivity simulation environment that replicates the behaviour of global exchange platforms. Neueda Exchange Simulator provides a full matching environment with order entry and market data interfaces for multiple exchange protocols including LSE Millennium, FIX, Xetra, Deutsche Boerse Xetra, Nasdaq Ouch and Euronext Optiq. It offers a repeatable test environment and the ability to configure complex market scenarios. Neueda is a trusted partner to major capital markets firms across the globe.

“We are known in the industry for the quality of our custom software development and services across multiple asset classes and technologies. In launching the Scrutiny service, we’ve taken an innovative approach by packaging our industry expertise and process, combined with our technology, to deliver value to our customers in the form of a new service,” commented Malachy O’Neill, MD Neueda North America.

Founded in 2006, Neueda is a privately owned software development and IT organisation with a customer base spanning, both public and private sectors as well as capital markets. With a headcount of 325 resources, the company is headquartered in Belfast, with further offices in London and Malaga.

For further information on Neueda’s Scrutiny service, contact Colin Pattison ( or Malachy O’Neill (