Leading the Digital Revolution Neueda and Microsoft highlight importance of being a data driven organisation

Microsoft and Belfast-headquartered digital transformation company Neueda have been working in close partnership to help organisations within the public sector understand and optimise their data to become more successful.

“There is a real synergy between the Microsoft and Neueda offerings in terms of technology, services and culture,” said Brendan Duffy, CTO, Neueda.

“The data landscape is ever-evolving and both Neueda and Microsoft are keen to empower public sector organisations to take control of their data assets, lead supplier engagements and deliver true digital transformation.

“Used correctly, data provides information that drives value and efficiency, allowing organisations to personalise and enhance their customer and employee experience, automate services and operate more successfully. It is our role to help customers navigate that journey and this is exactly what we have been doing in partnership with Microsoft,” Brendan said.

Roy Wilson, Solution Architect, Microsoft added: “Growth and demand for data is driven by a number of factors, such as the explosion of Social and IoT data, the maturity, capability and availability of cloud services and increased awareness of its importance for artificial intelligence and machine learning enabled applications.

“Microsoft are increasingly focused on building our partner capabilities and offerings, delivering innovative solutions with real business outcomes and rapid time to value for our customers. Our collaboration with Neueda is a great example of this in action,” Roy said.

An example of recent work delivered by Neueda and Microsoft is the innovative online portal developed for The Council for The Curriculum Examinations & Assessment (CCEA), which gives schools the ability to carry out in-depth analysis of GCSE, AS and A Level results.

CCEA Analytics gives teachers access, free of charge, to detailed information about exam performance on a school, class or individual pupil basis.

Justin Edwards, CCEA, comments: “CCEA Analytics is ultimately about helping elevate education levels across Northern Ireland. Teachers, using the portal, can identify areas of both strength and weakness, leading to better informed decision making.’

“They can review pupil, class and school performances across GCSE, AS and A Level, compare their results with other schools or benchmark their school’s performance against the entire CCEA schools network.”

Paul Reihill, Socitm NI Chair; Justin Edwards, Chief Executive, CCEA; Brendan Duffy, CTO, Neueda and Roy Wilson, Solutions Architect, Microsoft – all pictured at the September Soctitm NI event in Belfast.

Paul Reihill, Socitm NI Chair; Justin Edwards, Chief Executive, CCEA; Brendan Duffy, CTO, Neueda and Roy Wilson, Solutions Architect, Microsoft – all pictured at the September Soctitm NI event in Belfast.

The benefits of this data driven platform are apparent, as Brendan Duffy explains:

“Our experience with customers proves that data driven decision making leads to more strategic and ultimately more effective planning. By giving users access to drill into granular data, they can analyse up to three years’ worth of exam results, allowing them to identify trends and areas for improvement.”

Neueda believes that the shift in ownership of data within organisations is a positive trend, opening up capabilities of data usage:
“Organisations are starting to view data as a key asset and are more likely to break down internal barriers that historically meant data was held within silos. Now internal teams and IT partners are gaining access to the complete landscape of enterprise data. We are keen to drive that message throughout the public sector to organisations that house a huge amount of data but are often not aware of its value,” Brendan Duffy continues.

Brendan Duffy and Roy Wilson will present at the upcoming Northern Ireland Socitm* meeting on 14th September, laying out their joint vision on how to modernise the traditional approach to data and analytics and how this can help NI public sector organisations become more data-driven.

*Socitm is the professional network for digital leaders in the transformation of local, regional and national public services.