Student IT stars shine bright at Neueda

The next tech generation has been demonstrating its talent at IT company Neueda, where five students from South Eastern Regional College (SERC) and Belfast Metropolitan College have developed a valuable app for the company as part of their recent placement there.

Students Migle Buivydaite, James Donaldson, Lee Anderson and Lalita Ossawy from SERC and Rachel Hurson from Belfast Metropolitan College have just completed a three-month internship at Neueda’s Belfast headquarters, where they gained hands-on experience as well as learning from experienced software specialists.

The group worked on a number of projects during their time with the company and led the development of an impressive voice-activated app which Neueda will now adopt for use.

Neueda Chief Technology Officer Brendan Duffy, who oversaw the student project closely, explains:

“Working as a project team, this group of talented young students designed a sophisticated inventory tracking application with a fully-fledged voice-controlled interface, which Neueda will now use to track all equipment used in its many research and development projects. This is an innovative piece of work which will deliver real value for Neueda.


“We have been extremely impressed by this recent intake of students from Belfast Metropolitan College and SERC – each of whom worked with enthusiasm, creativity and skill to maximise their time with us.

“Neueda is committed to nurturing fresh talent coming into the IT sector. Crucial to us is that our placement students gain a deep understanding of how technology projects are designed and implemented from the initial ideation stage right through to final delivery to our clients.

“This exposes students to a real-life experience of working in IT and we hope they gain a bedrock of valuable skills to take with them on their career journey,” said Brendan.