The Rise of Robotics, Globalisation and the Next Generation

Brendan Monaghan, CEO of digital transformation company Neueda, has outlined some key trends and challenges facing his business and the IT sector locally and globally over the next five years.

Speaking at ‘Building something special: Neueda 2022’ held in the company’s Belfast headquarters, Brendan Monaghan described how the rise of robotics, increasing market globalisation and the role of millennials, are crucial issues impacting businesses and the tech sector in Northern Ireland and beyond.  

“The growth of machine intelligence is shaping the solutions we offer in a huge way,” said Brendan Monaghan.

“With customer service chat bots and machine-based professional services on the rise, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting smarter on a daily basis.  AI is already disrupting traditional business channels as we know it.”

Brendan Monaghan, Neueda CEO with Helen Kirkpatrick, Neueda Chairman and Alastair Hamilton, Invest NI Chief Executive

Brendan Monaghan, Neueda CEO with Helen Kirkpatrick, Neueda Chairman and Alastair Hamilton, Invest NI Chief Executive

Brendan outlined how globalisation will shape how companies within the IT space will operate:

“IT services can be effectively delivered from anywhere in the world with the right talent and structure to support this. We have team members in the US servicing clients alongside our people in Belfast. The world is a much smaller place, we need to be ambitious and remove any limited thinking about our capabilities,” continued Brendan.

The changing needs and demographic of the workforce were also high on the agenda:

“We are witnessing an increase in the ‘super temp’ with flexible, remote working becoming a more efficient and effective option for employers and employees alike.

“In terms of talent, 72% of the workforce will be made up of millennials by 2025 and, this new generation brings with it fresh expectations. Salary is no longer the most important driving factor for this audience, with workplace culture and being valued taking higher priority.

“The challenge to the IT sector is to tap into that digitally minded, young audience and create appealing, dynamic career opportunities,” Brendan said.

In support of its expanding global customer base and ambitious growth plans, Neueda is creating 165 new jobs over the course of the next two years and recently opened a Software Delivery Centre of Excellence in Malaga, Spain.

“We aim to bring our revenue to £100million by 2022. To make that happen, we need to remain disruptive in our thinking, adapting quickly to emerging trends and market developments, whilst nurturing new talent and continuing to build a culture of trust, respect and opportunity.”

‘Building something special: Neueda 2022’ was attended by a 70-plus audience of private and public sector representatives including Alastair Hamilton, Chief Executive of Invest Northern Ireland, who praised Neueda for its innovative business model and ongoing ambition.