There’s no doubt that an organisation’s data is a vital asset when it comes to surviving and thriving in the modern economy. We spoke to Neueda’s Delivery Manager for Data and Analytics Ralph Graham to find out more about today’s data projects, his time with Neueda so far and the integral components that make up a winning data team.

Ralph, can you tell us about the type of projects you work on at Neueda?

Of course. I lead a team of 10 people who work across a wide range of data projects for both our private and public sector clients. This involves us looking at all elements of a data project from data quality and landscape, through to visualisation and predictive analytics.

What are the challenges facing today’s organisations when it comes to data?

The sheer amount of it. Data grows exponentially every day, but the ability for organisations to use it isn’t moving at the same speed. However, it’s critical for them to fully utilise the data they’re capturing to remain profitable, particularly when it comes to predictive analytics which reacts to customers in real-time, as opposed to relying on historical data that’s out-of-date as soon as it enters the system.

Your team is growing, so what type of talent are you looking for?

Data is integral to every IT project, so I’m looking for a combination of skills and talent to join our team. In particular, I’m interested in hearing from visualisation experts, data scientists and those who have an interest in predictive learning. We also require intelligent and passionate business analysts who can translate business processes into data driven requirements to support analytical outputs.

Describe Neueda in three words.

People are fantastic. To elaborate, I’ve been working for 11 years since leaving university, spending the last four with Neueda, and it’s the most hard-working and social organisation I’ve ever been a part of. Every month, we enjoy team trips that have previously included golf taster lessons, rock climbing and food tours. There’s always something exciting happening, and everyone gets on really well.

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