Our Neueda Life blog series shines a light on the talented people who make up our amazing team here at Neueda. We sat down with Software Engineer, Manuel Fernandez Montosa, to talk programming, Neueda, and a career journey that has taken him from Belfast to Malaga.

So, Manu, what inspired you to choose a career in programming? 

I moved to Belfast from Granada after the financial crash with my girlfriend (now wife!) in search of better opportunities. We had friends in Belfast and it seemed like a great city to live and work in. I went to University to study for my Masters in Economics and International Trade and decided to do a full-time programming conversion course at Bangor in 2014. I fell in love with programming and knew I wanted to make it my career. Once I had grasped the basics, I had a huge enthusiasm to learn everything I could. 

When did you start working at Neueda? 

Neueda was my very first job in IT. I started in February 2015 – on my birthday! It’s a day I will never forget. I wanted to bring in a cake but decided I didn’t want to be known as the cake guy! I was the 32nd employee at the time and so much has changed since then. The company has grown and developed enormously. 

How has your role at Neueda changed? 

I’m still a software engineer and that’s a role I love, but I now work in the Managed Service Team rather than Public Sector. I’ve also moved from Belfast to Malaga! When I heard that Neueda was searching for a European location, I pitched Malaga to COO Paddy O’Hagan and he agreed. I wanted to be involved with the new location from day one and I have now been here for nearly two years. Although I still love visiting Belfast, it’s my second home!

What do you enjoy about living in Malaga? And is there anything you miss about Belfast? 

I definitely don’t miss the Irish weather! The sunshine is great here. But I do miss cycling around the city and my friends there. In fact, my wife and I are having a baby girl in August and her name may be inspired by our time in Belfast – watch this space!

What do you enjoy about working at Neueda?

It’s a great company to work for. Every person at every level is incredibly approachable and your voice is always heard. It was a fantastic place to start my IT career and I still love what I do! 

Stay tuned to our Neueda Life blog series to find out more about the experiences of our amazing team.