Lisa, what does culture mean to you?

Culture is a word that’s both overused and underestimated in the business world today. It goes so much further than a dress code, office décor and the occasional staff social; it’s an organisation’s DNA. Culture defines how you interact internally and externally, and if it’s cultivated and nurtured correctly, it flows down from the top, making employees feel valued, motivated and part of something special.

How important is culture for Neueda?

We’re unapologetic about our commitment to company culture. Everyone knows that the technology sector is a particularly competitive market, so it’s imperative that we not only attract the best people, but we continue to nurture, develop and retain the talent we have. Additionally, our culture needs to resonate with our customers, so we’re proud to receive regular feedback from customers that our commitment to culture differentiates us as a partner of choice.

How has Neueda developed such a positive company culture?

We’ve always had buy-in from the senior team, as well as key individuals throughout the business, who demonstrate and inspire behaviour that reflects what Neueda is about. We think of these individuals as our ‘culture architects’ – our role models and leaders who can influence and help to bring our culture to life. From day one, our leadership team had a clear vision of what type of company they wanted, and crucially, didn’t want to be.

What elements go into Neueda’s culture?

Our culture flows from our values. One of Neueda’s core company values is ‘challenge, decide, commit’, so we always want people to have a voice and to challenge us, and when a decision is made, we fully support it as a team. We also want our people to take risks, and they’re told from day one ‘if you fail, fail early and learn from it – don’t hide it’. Operating by these values creates a high trust, high-performance culture and when it’s combined with the talent and passion of our people, it creates a thriving, learning environment.

What role does your team play in Neueda’s culture?

There’s a traditional view of HR as the team in a company that manages policies, handles interviews and deals with issues and problems. While those are indeed crucial elements of HR, its function goes way beyond that, which is why we call our team People & Culture.  Our people expect to be challenged and given the opportunity to continuously learn and develop. It’s about engaging our employees and ensuring they have a voice to add-value and help shape and influence the direction of the company.

Staff wellbeing is also a crucial ingredient of our success and forms a massive part of our approach. The new generation of talent place particular importance on work/life balance and value recognition, which is why we offer staff initiatives such as social events, yoga and health tests to help them maintain a healthy mind and body.

What role does social responsibility play in culture?

For Neueda, being socially responsible is not only the right thing to do, but it also has real value for our team. Through initiatives such as our Neueda Code Club, where staff volunteer their time to teach primary school children how to code, or our recent staff trip to Malawi with Habitat for Humanity NI, we are giving employees access to experiences that enrich them both personally and professionally.

Neueda is an international business. How is the culture maintained across different locations?

It’s a fundamental part of our job to engage regularly with our people and teams – both locally and internationally to ensure our culture travels. This means those who are on client sites as well as those in our Neueda offices in Belfast and Malaga.  To do this, we host regular web meetings and video calls and bring people from our various bases together as often as possible to share ideas, recognise successes and share company plans. Most recently we held our company away day here in Belfast which involved the entire company taking part in various team building activities (check out our video) – our aim was to get everyone together socialising and having fun whilst building and developing trusting relationships.  At Neueda it is important that we can trust everyone to do the right thing, it allows people to be independent and autonomous.Everyone in the team works hard to make sure the Neueda culture continues to thrive, proving that culture is made, not born. A recent survey carried out independently with our staff revealed that 95% of our employee base would recommend Neueda as a great place to work – so it’s important that as a company we now continue to work hard in maintaining it.

Stay tuned to our Neueda Life blog series for insights into our people and what life is really like at Neueda.