This week, we sat down with our CEO, Brendan Monaghan to get the inside scoop on how Neueda started, his plans for the future and what it means to be part of our team.

Brendan, how did it all begin?

David Bole and I set up Neueda 13 years ago after working with organisations and helping them to grow. In the beginning, we talked more about what we didn’t want to be, as opposed to what we did want to be. This approach, combined with a very clear understanding of our founding principles (financial stability and customer success) and company values, has created something unique, something special – the Neueda culture.

On a basic level, we work hard to keep politics to an absolute minimum and create a supportive environment where our people are trusted, challenged and given every opportunity to succeed.

Since inception, we’ve stayed true to our founding principles to remain profitable while maintaining a laser focus on our customers. I know everyone says that, but in 13 years we haven’t lost a customer which is something we’re incredibly proud of.

What’s the vision?

The overall vision for the company is simple; to be the trusted technology partner to global market leaders in capital markets, private sector and public sector.

Neueda has become synonymous with technical excellence, innovation and a strong delivery track record.  We have historically played a key technology role in large global companies and international markets. We actively seek out challenging projects, all of which are serviced by our teams in Belfast and Malaga, and deliver significant economic benefits and enhanced skills across the industry..

What does this mean for your employees?

There’s ample room for our team to be challenged and to evolve with us, no matter what age you are or the level of experience you have. We operate a flat structure, which enables us to identify talent and support them to excel in their role and deliver the best service to our customers.

We aim to keep growing the business year-on-year, which unlocks new opportunities for everyone meaning more of our people can take on new challenges and develop their skills.

We make a commitment to everyone who joins us, that you will grow with us. If you choose to leave, and we hope you won’t, you will be significantly more skilled and employable than when you started. As a company, we embrace leavers and also returners. In fact, in our short history, there have been six people who have left and returned to work for us, which has provided interesting insights into our growth and development throughout the years.

What’s next?

It’s an excellent time for us. We’re busy and currently recruiting to grow our teams for some of the most innovative technology projects. We have a truly global client base, with projects taking place in the USA, Europe and Asia, but our aim is to continue to base our work in Belfast as much as possible rather than continue putting people on planes, which can cause sustainability issues, not to mention work/life balance challenges for our team. Plus, for Northern Ireland to continue growing as an economy it has to export, so we’re trying to do our bit by bringing as much work back here as possible.

Stay tuned to the Neueda blog for news and insights from our team, and read more about our latest projects. You can also find out more about becoming part of the Neueda team and working on groundbreaking projects for some of the most exciting organisations in the world. Click here and be part of something special.