Every month on the Neueda blog, members of our team will share key learnings and experiences from our latest exciting projects. This time we hear from Software Engineer Michael Malanaphy and a project that took him from Belfast to New York to London (and back again).

I joined Neueda in July 2015, as the company’s 39th employee. It was a big moment for me because my dad was Neueda’s very first employee many years ago. It’s been something of a family affair as my younger brother also joined the Neueda two years ago.

Onboarding and role
Neueda puts a lot of trust into its employees; when I joined as a Software Engineer, I was assigned my first client and project on day one, so I was able to turn on my laptop and get started right away.

Initially, I was responsible for legacy systems and exploring ways they could be improved. It was an initial 30-day project in the public sector division, but it ended up turning into a year with all public-facing websites changing and improving. As this project was coming to an end, I was asked to move into our capital markets division with my skills utilised on challenging projects in a new industry with global clients.

Big Apple

I was given the opportunity to travel to NYC to work on a project for one of the world’s biggest banks. Python Developers were required to support an internal trading application aimed to help their traders track and research company information. It was an exciting challenge given that Python was a relatively new language for me, which was great for my professional development  in preparation for the three-month project.

The aim was for our team of six to learn the system while we were out there so that we could work on it remotely from Belfast. We rotated working in the bank’s New York and New Jersey offices while living on Manhattan’s Wall Street. Being based in the client’s office gave us the opportunity to experience the reality of their day-to-day working life. We had to communicate effectively with the wider team without taking them away from business-critical tasks.

Following this successful trip to New York, I was then asked to work with the client’s London team, so divided my time between London and Neueda’s Belfast head office; one month on and one off for 12 months. This was a highlight for me as I have a lot of friends in London and the team I worked with there were also really welcoming and friendly.

I feel so lucky to have experienced living and working in two of the most exciting cities in the world and, with another potential project coming up, there are more adventures with Neueda on the horizon.

Neueda in three words

Challenging, fast, fun. While the work can be challenging at times, everyone supports one another, and you get out exactly what you put in. Plus we have a lot of craic [definition: fun]!

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