Here at Neueda, we boast a welcoming and diverse environment. We often provide the opportunity for people from different countries the opportunity to get to work in Ireland and experience our culture. Here at Neueda, we have over 18 different cultures working at Neueda, this is something we embrace and see as a very positive thing for the development of our company and the culture it exudes.

Meet Uliana, a DevOps engineer who recently moved to Ireland to work with us!

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“I wanted to visit Ireland since I was a child. Really fond of all the mythology and traditional music, valleys with fluffy sheep and silky grass. But I’ve never thought of working here.

So, getting the offer was quite unexpected. It looked like a great opportunity to get to experience the country from the inside. Before the relocation, I was worried about a huge number of different things, literally everything. But during the first online meeting, which was a very exciting one, I realized that moving to Ireland would be fine.

Neueda provided detailed information booklet for me, booked suitable flights and even a temporary apartment for while I settled in. All line managers and administrators are ready to help you with every question. It makes you feel comfortable and relaxed in such a new and different situation. The quarantine time had a strong influence on the work process, so all of us work from home, but I saw the office and its a really lovely place.”

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“Working in the Europe country was one of my admissions always. The historical stories, big castles, music, and the way of their life. So, it was a dream comes true.

As Ireland is an English-speaking country, to get to work in a country like that is good. Other than that, the most attractive is the best weather, the mild climate with greenery throughout the year. No extreme high or low temperatures like other countries.

I was looking for work in few European countries and Ireland was top of the list, and I still can’t believe that Neueda picked me up and I’m glad that happened, I was very lucky to be a part of the Neueda family.

When it comes to the moving to different country, I thought it was very difficult and hard. But when the moving process started, the admin team helped me a lot through the process and explained every bit of any confusion I had. So, it was nothing more than moving to different company in your own country.

Important part of this journey is Neueda had my back every inches of the way, even after I’ve arrived, they provided me temporary fully furnished apartment until I settled in, and the team always kept me well informed until I received the key to the apartment. So, I had a good feeling about the company already with this smooth moving process.

As far as I feel now, Neueda values simplicity and the flexibility. I have worked with few companies back in Sri Lanka and I had experience with good and bad. But with Neueda it is different, and they are very flexible with everything. They don’t have any hard-coded principles. They value people’s life, I believe it is kind of Neueda’s motto.

Moving to Ireland and working with Neueda was a quite amazing experience and I looking forward to extending that experience. Neueda will keep growing for the future and I’m so lucky to be part of that journey.”