The Customer

Tier 1 Investment Bank (Near Shore Development in Belfast)

The Challenge

For research purposes, the customer wanted to analyse their complete market history over the past 10 years. They were looking for a design that would provide a development and test bed for trading algos and could withstand resource intensive queries without impacting performance or availability of their existing production system.

The proposed solution had to be available post trading hours to provide daily reports and satisfy MiFID II requirements without additional capital expenditure.

The Approach

Neueda’s kdb+ specialists established a process to ensure that any data captured in production was synchronized to the platform in real-time, with additional checks done after end of day to ensure that the data was a complete replication. In the event of any differences, a process was defined to allow the data to be corrected immediately via a series of backfill options.

Our team of experts designed a quant sandbox that allowed individual users to pull data into their own controlled environment, allowing them to investigate and analyse the data securely, without impacting availability for other users.

Outcomes / Benefits

  • The customer had a research platform, mirroring data that was available in production, that allowed their research departments to operate without fear of impacting production applications.

  • A scheduling framework allowed users to define and execute bespoke reports, including reports necessary to satisfy MiFID II requirements, without additional hardware expenditure.

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