The Customer

Geospatial Data Analysis and Visualisation Experts

The Challenge

The customer needed help in creating a data store using Amazon Web Services (AWS) that could analyse large volumes of data and be able to scale dynamically (up and down) based on demand to minimize processing costs.

The Approach

Our expert team worked closely with the customer to design and deliver a bespoke kdb+ architecture framework that allowed them to design a series of tasks that could be executed independently, but be chained together to provide a solution that meets their user’s requirements.

The final solution leveraged AWS best practice security features and was controllable via a standard REST API that integrated seamlessly with the customers existing UI framework and tools.

Outcomes / Benefits

  • The customer could build new logical solutions, such as loading a different datatype or defining a new visualization, by creating and deploying new tasks without the need to redefine the framework.

  • The customer had a framework that scaled on demand – allowing them to manage costs efficiently

  • The customer was able to perform a series of operations much quicker whilst utilising the same processing power – the overall time taken is dramatically reduced while time per task is constant.

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