Welcome to our Neueda Life blog series where we introduce members of the Neueda team working in our Belfast head office or one of our four other locations across the globe. This time, we catch up with Senior Software Developer Jonathan Kelly to find out more about his background, the work he does with React, and what makes Neueda great.

My Background
Before joining Neueda, I worked in desktop and web app development for a range of end-clients, including local governments and price comparison websites. It was during this time that I gained valuable experience working in data management and auditing.

I was drawn to the prospect of working on different types of projects for a range of clients, which is why I joined the Neueda team 12 months ago as a Senior Software Developer.

We use React, a JavaScript front-end technology, with Java for the back-end, to build web applications for clients. React manages the data being provided to the web page to control user interface components, such as headings, forms and panels.

React was created with a business-forward mindset to leverage faster page load speed, SEO friendliness and code reusability, making it especially effective for Neueda’s client base. It also works with well-established libraries and frameworks, meaning it’s highly flexible.

Why Neueda?
Working on a diverse range of projects means I’m challenged continuously and get to work in collaboration with the rest of the team, exchanging knowledge and solving issues together.

Everyone at Neueda is incredibly talented and dedicated to achieving the best results for our clients. Our work is bolstered by Neueda’s strong business values which we live by and apply to everything that we do.

Outside of Work, You’ll Find Me…
Gaming, reading, or watching Netflix. I’m generally trying to relax and think about anything but code!

Stay tuned to our Neueda Tech blog series to find out more about the experiences of our dedicated team.