Enterprise–scale IT projects are both high risk and high cost. It is vital for organisations to do everything they can to reduce risk, maximise opportunity and deliver value for money. Our consultants work with you to achieve all three.

We provide a range of services, from technical consultancy on straightforward IT projects, through to leadership on complex, high–risk IT–enabled transformation projects. Along with our consultants’ significant experience, we deliver a strong blend of business, commercial and technical skills.

Digital Transformation

88% of organisations are undergoing digital transformation projects.

67% of CEOs will have Digital Transformation at the centre of their corporate strategy by the end of 2017; 75% of CIOs face new challenges in the face of digital transformation but less than 20% of organisations have a clear understanding of digital transformation and have mapped their journey. 

Neueda digital accelerator will:

  • Help organisations understand their current digital profile;

  • Identify factors driving digitisation;

  • Identify barriers preventing digitisation;

  • Identify the capabilities required to increase digital maturity; and

  • Develop a digital capability improvement plan.



IT accounts for a significant proportion of any organisation’s capital and operating expenditure. It is important that investments in IT pay for themselves, and that a company’s IT strategy is totally aligned with its strategic goals.

Our IT Effectiveness team works with our customers to address these challenges by providing advisory services in:

  • IT Strategy;

  • IT Organisation Design;

  • IT Sourcing; and

  • IT Value Realisation and Cost Reduction.


The single most critical factor in the delivery of any project is ensuring that everyone knows exactly what has to be delivered – it all starts with good business analysis and clear requirements statements. Our team of business & systems analysts work with clients across all industry sectors to:

  • Agree and implement corporate standards for process design, project documentation and business/technical specifications;

  • Ensure client staff have the skills to contribute during the definition of complex business requirements; and

  • Maintain coherent specifications during the full project lifecycle where requirements inevitably evolve and change over time.


Programme and Project Management is where Neueda makes a real difference to the outcome of our clients’ business, technology and change–management projects.

Our “get it done” approach centres on :

  • Building client capability through coaching, facilitation of workshops and support to project managers, sponsors and stakeholders;

  • Developing tools and methodologies for management, delivery and reporting;

  • Ensuring relevant communications with stakeholders;

  • Providing support to project managers or specific project resources to ensure effective delivery;

  • Providing professional advice and input to project boards and steering groups; and

  • Helping to ensure quality and benefits realisation.

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