NIE Connections


The impact of contestability required NIE to place greater focus on identifying inefficiencies that occur through the process of planning a job relative to the costs that the job actually incurs.

NIE had no means to interrogate the data and quantify the extent of how much a job could be overspent / underspent or identify the key reasons.


What We Discovered

The current B.I Reporting capacity did not facilitate reporting across systems. This was a major impediment as the analysis required came from JMS (planning tool) with Costs Recorded in SAP Financials

Managers and planners could not interrogate the job at the lowest level to compare Material / Labour or BIS spend

Reporting was extracted from different base systems (BOXI, SAP , JMS) and then compiled by different users in Excel.



Neueda adopted an Agile Business Intelligence implementation approach; understanding what the existing business problems were and analyzing the quality of the current data.


Key Features

Mobilisation – Agreed scope and stakeholders

Capture As-Is – Understood the current business reporting, with feedback from the customer about the quality of these

Assess and Design To-Be – Sessions with stakeholders to capture Requirements

Development – Based on the agreed vision we created an Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) program and integrated the key business systems

Testing – Worked alongside the business to test the data

Training –  All Managers and Planners were trained on use of the application



All Managers and Planners now have the ability to view and interrogate the data and can quickly identify trends and drill down to the lowest grain to investigate. This capacity highlighted issues and provided new insights and questions which they could now answer. This allowed the business to consider how they could then use this data 


Key Outcomes

83 Users representing different areas of Connections business including Connections Manager, Commercial Manager, Team Managers and Planners

Training Sessions completed for all users

Users can now undertake analysis of trends about jobs planned and estimated costs which was not previously possible

Work has begun on Key Performance Indicators utilizing this data and integrating other systems