Skilling Up for Big Data

The world’s largest fund management company turned to Neueda when it needed to design and deliver a data immersion reskilling program to ensure its global teams had the skills needed to support its big data initiatives.



The ever changing regulatory environment means that financial services organizations are continually faced with requests for complex data driven reports. Couple this with the requirement to provide management with smart data analytics to support their business decisions and you suddenly have a shortage of IT staff with the appropriate data analysis and development skills.



Bringing together a team of experienced courseware designers, classroom instructors and a small group of client subject matter experts (SMEs), Neueda managed the process of designing a structured 3–week classroom curriculum, a series of advanced data training modules and practical case–studies.

Designed for experienced Java and .NET developers, the data immersion program fast–tracks staff through all of the design, scripting and data analytics skills needed to work with complex enterprise datasets. Basing practical session around real–world technical and business challenges ensures that the teams can immediately apply their classroom skills to the data reporting requirements faced by their business and compliance colleagues.

The data immersion program spanned traditional core skills such as developing well–tuned SQL scripts in addition to deploying the latest big data technologies such as Hadoop and Apache Spark.



The program has helped achieve the following immediate objectives:

Helping to deliver better decision making with the availability of business driven data analytics

Achieving Increased availability of internal technology teams to build data analytics solutions for the business

A reduced need to hire contract staff to bridge the skills gap and the ability to properly utilize new technologies such as Hadoop, Hive and Spark.