CCEA Social Media App


After a recent meeting with the CEO of the Council of Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) it was clear that there was a reliance on paper based reports which satisfied current requirements but did not allow for trend analysis and identification. Alongside the traditional datasets the CCEA Marketing and Communication’s team were keen to have an integrated solution so that they could view information across all social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp and Google Analytics) in one dashboard.


What We Discovered

Users were dependent on paper reports and were manually tallying data

Social media reporting was carried out in isolation and wider trends may not have been considered

Each reporting area was very much in isolation and wider trends could not be analysed 



Neueda adopted an Agile Business Intelligence implementation approach; understanding what the existing business problems were and analysing the quality of the current data.


Key Features

Mobilisation – Agreed scope and stakeholders

Capture As-Is – Understood the current business reporting, with feedback from the customer about the quality of these

Assess and Design To-Be – Undertook a number of workshops to define and document the vision and undertook gap analysis

Development – Based on the agreed vision we created an Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) program and integrated the key business systems. This involved API interaction with the social media sites

Testing – Worked alongside the business to test the data



All users in CCEA now have consistent and regular reporting with the ability to view the data that impacts their role at an operational and strategic level. The ability for the marketing team to evaluate social media performance throughout the year meant that they could alter their approach at different times in the year. Other datasets are being considered which will add value to the existing QlikView applications and ultimately drive efficiencies throughout the organisation.


Key Outcomes

A consolidated social media dashboard so that key timelines could be analysed across all media

Over 1,000 user sessions per month including usage by the CEO and operational staff

Users now have the ability to drill down and identify trends about awards, units and candidates

An additional set of projects to bring other key CCEA into QlikView