incredibly talented -genuinely passionate

Our people are incredibly talented, and are genuinely passionate about what they do.

We have the best talent working side-by-side, nurturing and upskilling those around them.  We hire the best people and we hire people with values that align with ours. 

We are committed to individual career growth with first class training and development opportunities. Be part of something special.

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Life at Neueda

We could tell you how great it is to work here, but it’s more fun to show you instead.


Look like a place you'll love? 


Our culture involves honest and open communication – no one person has the right answer.  As an organisation, we want all voices and opinions to be heard, everyone’s view has value and a place. 

Our values provide the platform for our unique culture of shared values and beliefs to flourish.  It is the foundation that enables us to inspire, motivate and engage our people.  The wellbeing and engagement of our people is key and we want everyone at Neueda to feel and be part of something special.

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Trust and Respect.

We work hard at building trust with our colleagues and clients. We celebrate our diversity and respect the right to hold differing views and values.


Create Customer Success.

The key to our ongoing growth is that our customers are successful. In partnership with our customers, we strive to understand and agree what success looks like – then we collectively work towards it.

Own It.

We all take responsibility for all tasks assigned to us. No matter how large or small, strategic or tactical - we get the job done.


Challenge. Decide. Commit.

We want all voices and opinions to be heard. Everyone’s view has value and a place in our team. We encourage our staff to speak out, debate and collectively agree the solution before committing to deliver.