Even small technical issues can negatively impact an organisation’s operations, with IT resources spending too much time on problem-solving than the development of new ideas. 

We caught up with Neueda’s Managed Services Lead, Stephen Frazer, to find out what today’s businesses are doing to balance maintenance with innovation. 

Stephen, where do organisations begin when it comes to addressing these challenges? 

The first step is to spend time with your tech team to identify whether they have the time, resource and support required to monitor systems and fix issues while maximising market opportunities. If there’s a resource issue, it needs to be promptly addressed, either through the recruitment of IT personnel or exploring an external technology partnership. 

What solutions can help today’s organisations address this balance? 

We’re noticing that more and more customers are adopting an Application Managed Service approach to their IT function. It’s a service where an external team of specialists help an organisation either integrate a new IT system with an old one or manage change from one system to another. 

What are the benefits of an Application Managed Service? 

The external ‘back up’ support eases pressure on in-house tech teams. It also provides them with the expertise they need to foresee and mitigate complex technical problems, in turn, alleviating the time and costs associated with internal problem-solving. 

Such an external support system can help organisations implement change, provide technical training, and monitor systems to identify and address potential issues before they impact a business.

What work is Neueda doing in this field? 

Over the past year, we’ve developed the Application Managed Service function of our business, as our clients recognise the benefits of streamlining their IT support system. 

Whether businesses choose to engage additional support or retain solely an in-house function, we insist they firstly review their team’s capability to ensure they have the infrastructure in place that can maintain stability and flexibility.

Find out more about our Application Managed Service by contacting our team on +44(0)28 9099 2881 or by emailing more@neueda.com