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Neueda 5G

Neueda 5G is a software development service for global telecommunications and financial sectors.


Our software developers work with our clients to deliver advances in technology through innovative software architectures, algorithms, and techniques. We look for people who are innovative and open to new ideas and technologies. We boast a diverse open and honest culture in Neueda. Neueda 5G is in Athlone which is home to over 21,000 people with a young, skilled and engaged workforce.

Build better software faster. That’s it.

Low code application platforms have become mainstream, and for very good reason.  Our teams are truly agile, delivering on a customer’s initial model in a few weeks.  This gives more time to iterate, refine, and improve the user experience.  The outcome is far superior to traditional methods, and in a fraction of the time and cost.

Working at Neueda 5G

Test lead Sharon Keane discusses her journey and roles the has worked during her time here at Neueda Technologies, she talks about her journey from her starting position as a junior java developer, progressing through multiple roles and now becoming a test lead.

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