Energia Group, which operates under the Energia brand in the Republic of Ireland and the PowerNI brand in Northern Ireland, has embarked on a transformational technology project that will allow it to develop a suite of modern, digital products and services for its customers.

Working in partnership with tech specialists Neueda, Energia Group has developed a cloud-based digital platform that allows it to trial, build and deploy digital and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to meet the evolving needs of energy consumers.

“The energy sector is experiencing a major evolution,” explains Phillip Paterson, General Manager Technology and Innovation, Energia Group.

 “Energy technologies, such as battery storage and home generation, are improving rapidly. IoT and smart meters give consumers more control over how they use electricity and Artificial Intelligence and voice assistants give energy suppliers the opportunity to interact with customers in new ways.

 “Customers often want to identify electricity being consumed within the home instantly, they want to store excess electricity in batteries or charge an electric vehicle at the most opportune time.

“At Energia Group, we recognised the need to evolve and respond to these market forces. Neueda provided the expertise and insight we needed as a trusted partner to deliver a game-changing, digital platform,” Phillip Paterson said.

 Neueda performed a discovery exercise with Energia Group to assess innovations that would bring the biggest impact to PowerNI and Energia’s customers over the coming year. The next step was to rapidly deploy a cloud-based platform using Microsoft Azure to create and trial these innovations, quickly integrating old and new data sources as necessary, capturing and assessing digital interactions from web, mobile, voice assistant channels and smart home devices.

 Through ‘One Digital Platform’, relevant data is also brought together in one place so Energia Group can effectively analyse it and quickly identify customer needs and enhance the level of service provided.

“As for any organisation with the size and market share of Energia Group, developing new products and services is typically a lengthy exercise,” explains Ciaran Duffy, Account Director Private Sector, Neueda.

“Through the new Digital Platform, Energia Group can now respond rapidly to constantly changing developments in the sector, easily link existing systems to wider partner eco-systems and test ideas quickly and cost-effectively via a cloud and usage-based cost model.

“Neueda provided the expertise and insight we needed as a trusted partner to deliver a game-changing, digital platform”

Philip Paterson

General Manager Technology and Innovation


“Importantly, Energia Group is now letting data guide its decision making, helping it engage with its customers in a more personalised way. It can engage with start-ups and tech entrepreneurs to develop digital solutions that will keep it at the forefront of the energy industry.

“This platform will empower Energia Group to drive a pipeline of modern, data-led products and services within an ever-evolving and competitive sector,” Ciaran Duffy said.