The Customer

A major utility company.

The Challenge

Our client was struggling to accurately define the addresses of its non-domestic customer base, often being unable to precisely locate business customers using its services.

This led to several issues around servicing, communicating with and billing its business customers as well as an associated lack of operational efficiency.

The Solution

Previously, the company implemented a tactical solution allowing it to geolocate non-domestic customers in a designated area. To expand this capability to further regions, the client required a more robust and scalable platform.

To achieve this objective, Neueda reviewed the company’s existing data architecture and set about devising a suitable digital solution.

Leveraging Microsoft Azure, Neueda analysed the in-place solution and devised a technical architecture and a plan to seamlessly migrate the solution and extend its functionality.

Using a full Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution architecture ensured that minimal administration and maintenance was required.

With Microsoft Azure machine-learning techniques, addresses could be automatically validated to an agreed and improved accuracy threshold.

Any addresses that fell below this accuracy threshold, were automatically submitted to a second stage of validation – involving further digital mapping approaches or manual intervention by staff.

The Benefits

The solution has been extremely well received by the company. Having accurate addressing information has improved revenue assurance and the effectiveness of range of operational processes. In addition, the company has saved the cost and effort previously spent on manual or semi-automated address matching activities.

Because the solution was cloud based, the company did not have to invest in separate infrastructure, keeping costs at a minimum. Neueda ensured the system was designed in a user-friendly way, so the organisation can use it internally, again minimising support service costs.

The solution has been instrumental in driving efficiencies, improving communications and enhancing the company’s service to its non-domestic customers. So successful was the initial test project in Greater Dublin, it is planned to be rolled out across the whole of Ireland in the near future.

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