Citi, the leading global financial services company, does business in more than 100 countries, providing consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a broad range of financial products and services. Every year Citi recruit thousands of new staff to help create the best outcomes for their clients and customers with financial ingenuity and solutions that are simple, creative and responsible.


Joining an organization of Citi’s scale can be a formidable challenge for a new graduate whether they are from a technology, finance, legal or business discipline – the size of the business; new technologies, systems and processes; working as part of a global virtual team – it can seem daunting at times.
However with the appropriate level of training and support during their initial days and weeks it can be an enjoyable and rewarding period, providing the foundations for success and ensuring that new recruits are able to contribute more quickly once they join their new teams.


Beginning in 2010 with Citi’s Belfast Centre of Excellence, Neueda now support a range of Technology, Operations and Compliance graduate programs across Asia, Europe and North America.
Each program is designed in partnership with a local team from Citi’s Learning & Development group, subject matter experts with deep business and technical skills, and Neueda’s experienced instructors and program managers.
Each component of the graduate programs is designed to help new recruits successfully transition from university to the workforce.

Pre–Training Activities including reading materials, on–line resources, tutorials and e–learning content which help graduates prepare in advance of the classroom based section of the program.
Classroom Modules delivered by leading instructors and covering both professional workplace skills and job–specific skills such as Capital Markets, Financial Regulations, Enterprise–level Software Development and Agile Delivery.
Business and Technical Challenges. Completed in small teams and under strict time constraints, these scenarios are designed to reflect situations the graduates will encounter when they join their teams.
Assessments which the graduates sit after each classroom module. Scored and analysed by our instructors, these provide the basis for feedback to each individual recruit on their progress during the program, highlighting any areas for them to focus on.
Real–World Project Work which the graduates complete in teams and which is designed to reinforce all of skills and concepts covered during the classroom phase.

The daily interaction between Neueda’s instructors and the local Citi management teams before, during and after each program ensures complete visibility of each graduate’s progress and identifies any additional support they may need.


Every year hundreds of new Citi staff in China, Singapore, India, UK, Ireland and North America successfully move into their roles as technology analysts, operations analysts or compliance specialists.
The graduate programs provide them with the business skills and technical knowledge to guarantee an effective start to their Citi career and helps to build a network amongst their peer group.