The Customer

A Global Tier 1 Investment Bank Equities Division responsible for the pricing for equities, options and derivatives.

Customer Challenge

A global investment bank identified scaling challenges impacting the stability and capacity of their portfolio swaps lifecycle management application.

Due to the rapid growth of business and subsequent higher volumes of transactions, the application struggled to perform. Overnight batch processes to recalculate positions became inefficient and threatened to breach SLAs.

To meet future growth projections, the bank approached Neueda, its trusted technology partner, to review and overhaul its portfolio swaps application architecture.

Neueda Approach

Neueda deployed an agile team with both industry and C# expertise, working closely with the key stakeholders, to deliver the new system. Frequent meetings and daily stand ups helped to foster increased communication, enabling the team to ‘hit the ground running’.

Having assessed the current architecture, Neueda made several recommendations and agreed on a strategic, scalable solution with the client.

With performance profiling, the team successfully identified and removed bottlenecks. This resulted in significantly improved processing times which enabled capacity increase of their application to effectively manage the rapid growth of their portfolio swaps business.

A move towards a microservice based architecture for new functionality allows for horizontal scaling for projected business growth. These strategic changes were delivered in incremental steps within timelines agreed with the customer.

Outcomes/ Benefits

  • More efficient, consistent batch run – 185% improvement in performance achieved

  • More stable, scalable solution has allowed capacity to increase by almost 50%

  • Go forward micro service strategy in place to allow for future expansion and new functionality