Industry focused

We help investment firms enhance competitiveness, improve business efficiency and streamline costs.

Working with our Private Sector customers to respond to the evolving global markets.

We are helping government to drive digitally enabled transformation.                                            



What we do


No matter the system restraints or the technical challenges, we deliver enterprise grade software to all our customers.

We work in partnership with you to discover what drives your organisation.


Our ever–growing range of training courses are designed, delivered and continually updated by recognised specialists.

We focus on delivering world class IT consulting for our clients by facilitating significant improvements to IT strategy.

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Together with Neueda Network, we help provide our customers with an enhanced flexible resourcing capability.

Neueda has a talent pool of highly skilled software and ICT business professionals. We call it Neueda Network. Our approach is based on combining the best of “traditional” consulting and delivery and “freelance” consulting. This allows both Neueda and our customers to focus on one thing – delivering successful projects.