Neueda helps pupils learn to code

In March of this year, Neueda kicked off an exciting new partnership with Blythefield Primary School in Belfast to help teach local pupils the basics of computer programming. 

The initiative was set in motion by our managing director Brendan Monaghan and his wife Paula based upon their eagerness to give back to the local community.  Four Neueda software engineers visited Blythefield on a weekly basis, working with P6 and P7 classes and introducing pupils to basic programming concepts.

With the ever-growing need for skilled workers in the I.T. sector in Northern Ireland, Paula hopes that Neueda's Code Club initiative will not only help Blythefield pupils become more aware of the importance of computer programming, but also help them to later think about a career in the I.T. sector. 

The idea is that these young people become comfortable with software development and for Neueda to provide them with a platform to do so. These kids are local, and we want them to feel part of the Neueda family even when they move onto higher education.
— Paula Monaghan