Putting customers at the heart of the process

Ciaran Duffy, Head of Utilities Practice at Neueda, a leading technology consultancy and services company located in Belfast, recently held an all–island utilities client seminar in Dublin on the theme of Creating a Customer Centric Utility.

The event focused on the role that innovation and technology have on deepening the customer experience and the customer centric strategies adopted by utilities. Over sixty clients within the sector across electricity, gas, renewables, telco and water attended the event.

Commenting on the event, Ciaran Duffy said: “I am delighted to host Neueda’s first ever utilities client event which will focus on the role technology plays in putting the customer at the heart of these organizations. This is an exciting and challenging time within the sector as providers look to put in place ICT solutions to deliver on and where possible, exceed customer’s needs. We are pleased to have speakers from Yorkshire Water, NI Water, Scottish Water, OEE and Furnell Energy Consultants to share their experience of the challenges of delivering on the customer promise.”

He added: “We work with many clients within this sector who are looking to ICT to ensure they can offer customers an “anytime, anywhere any device” solution to every aspect of the customer journey. We believe that all utilities need to constantly innovate and integrate the next generation of platforms to ensure they can deliver the optimum customer experience against the backdrop of growing customer demands. Going forward, technology will deliver solutions which will transform the customer experience, including tailor–made programmes to suit individual needs and consumption patterns based on better information and analysis of that information. The customer experience within utilities will continue to get better and better as a result of new technology..”

The event was held in The Gibson Hotel in Dublin in October.