Showcase - N.I. Criminal Offences

An area that our Analytics team frequently searches for is open data, and thinking of new datasets that would enrich information that is currently available. In today's showcase I was keen to look at criminal offences within Northern Ireland and giving the reader the opportunity to slice and dice it in a way that may not be currently available, i.e. giving you a bit of self service. 

This post won't delve into the reasons behind crime; from my time doing Law at University and in particular a Criminology module I know there are a lot of socio, economic, political, reporting changes etc reasons for why crime is higher in some areas of the country. So this post will primarily highlight trends and give you the ability to look at your local constituency area to quantify the crimes that are happening.


Northern Ireland overview

Using estimated population data from Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency and the criminal offences data from NINIS (data from 2001 to 2014) we are able to plot the number of criminal offences per 1000 people per Assembly Area. The below map shows highlights this and perhaps unsurprisingly the areas that have more crime tend to be the main cities in NI, Belfast and Derry. You can input a year in the search bar above the map to view particular years in isolation.

Looking at the information for the whole of Northern Ireland the trend is showing that the amount of criminal offences per 1000 people are in fact reducing. The population has increased in size by approximately 9% since 2001 so this apparent reduction in criminal offences per 1000 people is obviously a positive change. 



Criminal Offences by constituency 

The below charts shows the total amount of criminal offences per constituency area by year and type. You can select a particular constituency by clicking on the legend of the relevant area. And to toggle between different crime types simply click on the x axis name (e.g. Public order offences) to see a range of additional crime types. You'll notice that certain crime types are reducing, such as Robbery and Criminal Damage whilst Possession of Drugs and Drug Trafficking are generally increasing year on year. 


Violent crimes

The below scatter chart highlights the movement of violent crimes that resulted in injury and ones that didn't result in injury by constituency. When you hover over a particular area you'll see a line chart of the movement year on year and as you will see there are some areas with particularly big variations over the years, e.g. South Belfast.


Slice and Dice tHe data

The below table allows you to slice and dice the data in whatever way you want to, you can view all the different criminal offences by type, year and constituency; simply click on the dimensions and measures below to view the information.

I hope you found this showcase post interesting and any questions or ideas for future posts you can tweet me @ralph_g85 .